Cultivating Leaders at A.G. Rhodes, A.G. Rhodes
Charelle Barber and Kim Johnson spend time with their preceptors, Stephanie Batson and Claire Kaye.

A.G. Rhodes recently welcomed its second class of Leadership Development Program participants, and they will spend six months gaining hands-on leadership experience by working alongside members of the A.G. Rhodes support team. They will also work with a Leadership Instructor who will teach courses in leadership development, cross-cultural communication, diversity and inclusion, team building, and emotional intelligence.

The Leadership Development Program’s purpose is to promote equity and inclusion by providing mentorships and advancement opportunities for A.G. Rhodes Care Partners. Participants pursue either a business management track or a clinical management track with the goal of acquiring the skills and experiences to prepare for advancement opportunities in the healthcare field.

“Our Care Partners are the backbone of A.G. Rhodes, and as their leadership skills grow, they help strengthen our organization and bring out the best qualities of our team,” said Deke Cateau, A.G. Rhodes CEO. “This program has been receiving national attention, and in addition to cultivating leaders locally, I hope it serves as a leadership training model for long-term care providers across the country.”

Here’s what this year’s participants had to say about why they are pursuing the program:

“I use myself as a personal testimony because A.G. Rhodes Management Care Partners never stopped pushing me to strive for better, and I continue to do so.”
-Charelle Barber, Human Resources Executive Assistant

“I think that this experience will fortify my decision-making skills and help to solidify my confidence in all areas of leadership which I believe stems from being accountable, leading by example, willingness to learn, being a team player, and an all-around well-suited employee of the company.”
-Priscilla Collins, Medical Records, A.G. Rhodes Wesley Woods

“I would like to use this leadership program to challenge myself and learn how to deal with complex situations in a professional manner and broaden my critical thinking skills. In this everchanging field, I feel that you must have a thirst for knowledge and feel the need to be challenged.”
-Jovonne Harvey, Admissions & Marketing Director, A.G. Rhodes Atlanta

“I have grown in my role and want to keep growing here with my A.G. Rhodes family. I feel very strongly that it is time for me to step up and invest in others by investing more in myself.”
-Kim Johnson, Lead Housekeeper, A.G. Rhodes Atlanta

“I look at this as an opportunity to share with others who may have a desire at some point in the future to participate in the program, but find themselves in fear of failure like I did. I will be the first to step up and give them the same speech that my mother gave me, ‘Nothing beats failure but a good ole’ fashioned try,’ and hopefully that would encourage them to take that leap.”
-Tammy Johnson, Receptionist, A.G. Rhodes Wesley Woods

Cultivating Leaders at A.G. Rhodes, A.G. Rhodes






September 2022