Employee Spotlight: Edner Woods, RN, A.G. RhodesBeing raised by her grandmother in her earlier years, Edner Woods has always had a fondness for older adults. In 22 years of working at A.G. Rhodes Atlanta, Ms. Woods has enjoyed hearing and sharing many stories about life experiences with the residents who live there.

“I love interacting with the residents,” she said. “I love seeing them light up when we talk about their interests and background, whether it’s gardening, or their upbringing, or just life. I guess you could say I have an old soul.”

Ms. Woods has held various positions at A.G. Rhodes, including when she started as an RN supervisor, to becoming the staff development coordinator, to her current position as education and wellness manager. She’s always enjoyed the variety of her day, including conducting training, education, employee physicals, restorative, and much more.

“I like that I come in and do different things. My job is varied depending on what’s priority for the day.”

Since the pandemic, Ms. Woods has taken on additional responsibilities such as vaccine and other COVID-19 reporting requirements. Even with the challenges of the pandemic, Ms. Woods loves what she does.

“It can be demanding, but it can be rewarding. You have to have dedication and commitment, but it can be fun.”

Administrator Machele Pace said that Ms. Woods is a pillar at A.G. Rhodes.

“She is a crucial member of the team, and keeps us on track in so many areas,” Machele said. “She is most deserving of recognition for her exceptional service in this community.”

In addition to her many different hats, Ms. Woods is also somewhat of a counselor, serving as a trusted confidant and listening ear for staff. Based on her own experiences as a CNA, LPN and now RN, she also encourages employees who are pursuing higher education.

“I like encouraging staff, especially those going to school. I tell them that just because you didn’t do well on one test, stay committed and you can try again.”

Ms. Woods strives to promote an environment where staff want to learn, and even if she’s not familiar with a topic, she’ll research it.

“It’s not about what I’m teaching, but about what they’re interested in,” she said. “When they are craving information on a certain subject, I’ll research it to bring it to them.”

Ms. Woods has worked her entire career in long-term care and when asked what it takes to work in the field, she said it takes compassion and patience. She also acknowledged that before coming to A.G. Rhodes in 1999, she changed jobs every couple of years. She found a home at A.G. Rhodes, and says that although she’s had opportunities to leave, she can’t imagine being anywhere else.

“I love what I do,” she said. “I love where I work.”

More about Ms. Woods:
When she’s not working, Ms. Woods enjoys traveling, shopping, visiting with family including her mom in Florida, and going to the beach. She also loves music and comedy, including one of her favorite shows, The Office.

November 2021