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Four Reasons Why Seniors May Require Short Term Care Services

Short Term CareToday, elderly patients recovering from illnesses or accidents sometimes benefit from spending several days, weeks, or months in a short-term senior care facility. Why do physicians often request this assistance for their patients? This brief article describes four reasons why interim temporary care and rehabilitation services have become a popular option in the Greater Atlanta Area.

One: Many Seniors Recover More Slowly Than Younger Patients

One reason a physician may prescribe a period of short term care for a recuperating senior involves the need to ensure complete recovery before the patient returns home to resume an independent lifestyle. Elderly people sometimes lack the robust immune systems of healthy young adults. These patients often require a little longer to completely recover from an accident, a surgery, or an illness. In the Greater Atlanta Area, a well-maintained senior care facility supplies the ideal environment for this type of patient to gradually recuperate and regain vitality.

Two: Family Members May Lack The Ability to Care For a Recuperating Senior

Additionally, the burden of caring for a aged patient who has not completely recovered from a health problem may prove challenging for other members of the household. In some cases, delegating the personal care of a recuperating senior to professional caretakers provides the safest and kindest alternative. Once the patient regains mobility and strength, it becomes possible for the household to reunite again.

Three: Seniors Sometimes Sustain Increased Risks of Post-Operative Accidents or Complications

In certain situations, a physician may ask a senior to spend a little extra time recuperating in a short term care setting due to an increased risk of post-operative complications or accidents. For example, a senior who falls and breaks a hip may require several months of physical therapy to fully recover. Spending an extended period of time immobile while bones heal causes muscle losses. After regaining mobility, the patient may remain at a high risk of slipping or falling again for several weeks.

Four: Short Term Care Services Help Ensure a Well-Monitored Recovery

Additionally, the use of short-term care services permits a physician to monitor a patient’s progress closely. Some medications may cause a heightened risk of side effects in some (but not all) patients, for instance. Care facilities can help a physician determine whether a particular medication will suit an individual patient’s lifestyle well, or not.