A.G. Rhodes Health & Rehab

Awards and Recognition

Approximately 600 employees are proud to work for A.G. Rhodes. We are a mission-driven workforce, committed to excellence in everything we do. One way we recognize staff members who demonstrate exemplary commitment and dedication in the workplace is through annual awards and other accolades, and we are proud to celebrate distinguished honors earned in the community. Read about our latest accomplishments.

Awards and Recognition: Employee Spotlight: Andy Akobundu

When Andy Akobundu immigrated to the United States from Nigeria in 1982, he aspired to become a doctor, but it just wasn’t in the cards for him. “My parents couldn’t afford it,” he said. Additionally, given his recent immigration status, …

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Awards and Recognition: Employee Spotlight: Velencia Walton

When you walk into one of our A.G. Rhodes homes, you may not always think about the employees who work to ensure it’s a clean, safe and welcoming environment. For Velencia Walton, a Housekeeper at our Wesley Woods community, she …

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Awards and Recognition: Employee Spotlight: Sonya Williams, CTRS

A lot of creativity, coordination and energy goes into planning the activities offered at A.G. Rhodes, and this month’s employee spotlight features someone who does the job exceptionally well: Sonya Williams, Recreation Therapist and Activities Director at A.G. Rhodes of …

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Awards and Recognition: Employee Spotlight: Diane Wheat

When you walk in the doors of the A.G. Rhodes Atlanta location, you’re greeted with a big smile and a warm welcome by Atlanta native, Diane Wheat. Wheat is now the receptionist at A.G. Rhodes, but started as a CNA …

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Awards and Recognition: 2019 Nursing Home Week Awards

During National Nursing Home Week May 13-17, 2019, the A.G. Rhodes homes celebrated exceptional staff who go above and beyond to care for elders who stay at A.G. Rhodes. From our Atlanta home (plaque holders left to right): Abebaya Gudeta, …

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Awards and Recognition: Employee Spotlight: Helen Debela

Nearly 12 years ago, Helen Debela decided to move from her homeland of Ethiopia to pursue a career in the United States. She has been a part of the A.G. Rhodes family for five years working at our Wesley Woods …

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