Legacy of Care Updates, A.G. Rhodes

Legacy of Care Updates

Physical Improvements at A.G. Rhodes Cobb

Several years ago—long before we could have foreseen something like COVID-19—A.G. Rhodes began exploring ways to not only improve our model of care to one that is person-directed, but we also began exploring how we could improve the physical environment where our elders live.

Several months ago we launched our Legacy of Care campaign, and we have been raising funds from generous foundations and donors in our community to help support our plans to build a new long term home care on the A.G. Rhodes Cobb campus, and renovate the existing building. These changes will result in a safer, more comfortable environment for our elders, and an improved workplace environment for our care partners.

These improvements will take some time, but we are excited to begin in the next few months. Explore the pages of this site for more information and check back for updates!

February 2022