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News: Managing Winter Joint Pain

Managing Joint Pain in the Winter from A.G. Rhodes Health & Rehab   Managing Joint Pain in the Winter The dry and cold winter climate can cause an increase in joint pain and stiffness. Here are some excellent ways to …

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News: Facilitating Recovery After Knee or Hip Replacement Surgery

Modern medicine has made great strides in healing joint erosion, pain and injuries in hips and knees that would’ve proven debilitating and extremely painful centuries ago. Even though modern procedures are much more effective than they once were, patients still …

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News: Employees recognized for service

In October 2017, our Atlanta home recognized employees who have worked at A.G. Rhodes for 20 or more years at a long-service awards celebration, including one employee who has been at A.G. Rhodes for 45 years! We are grateful for …

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News: The Benefits of Pet Therapy

The Benefits of Pet Therapy from A.G. Rhodes Health & Rehab The Benefits of Pet Therapy A pet companion presents many health benefits to their owners. Being around animals makes people feel better, healthier and happier. For these reasons and …

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News: Understanding Independence Through ADLs and IADLs

As we age, we may need more help carrying out basic everyday tasks. Though it may begin with something small, such as being unable to carry the vacuum up and down stairs, our loved ones’ trouble with daily activities could …

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News: Give Atlanta Challenge Supports A.G. Rhodes’ Songs for Seniors Program

A.G. Rhodes is participating in Atlanta Magazine’s Give Atlanta challenge, which is a friendly fundraising campaign that runs until November 14th where nonprofit organizations across the city compete to raise money for important causes. We are participating to raise money …

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