Visitation Status

Updated on Oct. 30 (County data is from Oct. 26):

A.G. Rhodes Location & County: A.G. Rhodes Atlanta
Fulton County
A.G. Rhodes Cobb
Cobb County
A.G. Rhodes Wesley Woods
Dekalb County


Outdoor and indoor in a designated area Visits are currently suspended Visits are currently suspended
County positivity rate: 4.5% 4.7% 4.1%
If rate is below 10%, has it been for at least 14 days? Yes Yes Yes
Has it been at least 14 days since last confirmed case? No* No No

Please note that in order for us to accommodate indoor visitation in a designated area, we must meet certain criteria which are set by federal and state guidelines. These include:

  • The county positivity rate (rate of positive COVID-19 cases) must below 10 percent for 14 days; AND
  • At least 14 days have passed since the last confirmed resident or staff case.
    • *A staff member at A.G. Rhodes Atlanta who tested positive has not been in the building for more than 14 days, and therefore indoor visitation in a designated area will resume.

At any time for the health and safety of residents and staff, we may suspend visits. Please check back for updates, and visit for other important COVID-19 information.

Family members should continue to schedule appointments as normal. Click here for information and instructions on scheduling an appointment.

A.G. Rhodes uses the Georgia Department of Public Health’s county indicator report, including the 14-day PRC % positive figure for the county positivity rate, and we will update our status in relation to this information at least weekly. Click here to access this report.

Scheduled Visitation Guidelines & Instructions

Visit to see visitation guidelines for each location, and instructions to set up a visit.

Reopening Plan

Click here to review our reopening plan.


State guidance: Click here to access the Georgia Department of Public Health’s Long-Term Care Facility Reopening Guidance.

Federal guidance: Click here to access the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Visitation Guidance.