Employee Benefits

Our employees are our greatest asset, and to attract and retain high-quality talent, we maintain competitive salary and benefit packages and reward outstanding job performance. In recent years we’ve expanded the offerings in our comprehensive benefits packages to go beyond health insurance, life insurance, retirement plan and other more traditional offerings. Given the extreme strain of COVID-19 on mental health—which many people have cited as the biggest reason they’ve left or considered leaving their jobs in health care—we have also increased our mental health benefits.

In addition to offering competitive pay, we offer comprehensive and valuable benefits to enhance your total compensation package, including:

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We pay over 80% of your health insurance premium.

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We offer a matching retirement plan.

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We offer 10 paid holidays.

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We even offer pet insurance!

LiveWell Employee Wellness & Rewards Program

Recognizing the importance of employees taking care of themselves to best care for others, our employee wellness and rewards program approaches employee wellness holistically— with support and tools to address one’s physical, mental, spiritual, and even financial health.

Through friendly competitions, morale-boosting wellness events and opportunities, informational sessions, and more, our LiveWell Employee Wellness & Rewards program is designed to help our Care Partners make healthy lifestyle choices, reduce stress, and enhance their sense of value and accomplishment.

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