What is Rhodes to Home?

Rhodes to Home is an innovative and rehabilitative program which offers a bridge between hospitalization and home. Specialists who care for patients receiving senior rehabilitation services Marietta recognize that many of the patients recuperating from illness or surgery will, with continued care and planning, be able to return to their homes to live safely and in good health.

With Rhodes to Home, medical professionals, along with patients and their families, develop individualized treatment plans focused on assisting patients to reach their highest level of functioning in order to return to living in their communities.

Continuity of Care

A key component of the program encourages continuity of care by allowing patients to return to A.G. Rhodes after they go home, and receive rehab services as outpatients so that they may keep the same therapists they worked with while they were inpatients.

Continued Support

As patients prepare to transition back home, our social services team will arrange for needed medical equipment, home health services and community resources. A.G. Rhodes Physical and Occupational Therapists will often complete a home assessment to make recommendations for home modifications that will allow patients to live safely and comfortably on their own.

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