The Board of Trustees and Board of Advisors enable the mission of A.G. Rhodes.

The Board of Trustees is comprised of business and thought leaders in our community. Many members of this board are the second generation of their family to serve. The primary purpose of this organization is to promote, support and further the charitable mission of A.G. Rhodes.

Trustees manage the affairs of the corporation by overseeing business and operating plans, budgets and capital expenditures. They support the corporation both financially and with their time. In addition, this board oversees the management company and the Board of Advisors.

The Board of Advisors serves as an advisory board to the Board of Trustees and makes recommendations on capital projects, community outreach and other activities that implement and enhance the charitable purposes of A.G. Rhodes.

Members of the Board of Advisors are advocates for our organization and the issue of aging. They serve as ambassadors for our homes–supporting the organization with their time and financial contributions. They provide valuable insight to the Board of Trustees and maintain a strong presence in each of our homes.

Board of Trustees

  • David L. Perdue, Chair
  • John W. Wilcox III, Vice Chair
  • Margaret D. Stickney, Secretary
  • John R. Frazer, Treasurer
  • Dwayne C. Angelo
  • Maurice Baker
  • Ann S. Barrett
  • Charles C. Benedict, Jr.
  • Margaret Perdue Denny
  • Jocelyn Dorsey
  • Samuel B. Hollis, Jr.
  • Monica W. Parker, M.D.
  • Ronald G. Polly, Jr.
  • Frank L. Sims
  • Robbin C. Steed
  • John H. Strickler, Jr., M.D.

Trustees Emeriti

  • William L. Minnix
  • H. Herndon Murray, M.D.

Board of Advisors

  • Karen T. Brown, President
  • Connie Frazer, Vice President
  • Russell A. Gray, Corresponding Secretary
  • Ann S. Barrett
  • Camille Brannon
  • Margaret Perdue Denny
  • Hyde F. Desloge
  • Chuck Evans
  • Kinsey Harper
  • Dabney Hollis
  • Felicia M. Huger
  • Frances Kerr
  • Cody Laird
  • Robin Lea
  • Isobel Parker Mills
  • Evelyn Mims
  • Missy Moore
  • Godfrey H. Newton
  • Ann L. Pearce
  • Laura Pearce
  • Lelia Polly
  • Eleanor M. Rollins
  • Ted Schweers
  • Joni Towles
  • Frances Weathington
  • Alex Van Winkle
  • Clay Willcoxon
  • Elspeth Willcoxon
  • Margaret Young

The board members listed reflect our current fiscal year from July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024.

A.G. Rhodes Support Staff


Deke Cateau,
Chief Executive Officer


Keith Wilson,
Chief Operating Officer


Christina Phangestu,
Chief Financial Officer

Mary headshot 1

Mary Helton,
Chief Human Resources Officer


Tammy Luther-Chalker,
Compliance Officer

Headshots (4)

Ariana Moreau,
Director of Clinical Services

A.G. Rhodes Board of Trustees & Board of Advisors, A.G. Rhodes

Claire Kaye,
Director of Development


Kim Beasley,
Director of Communications & Outreach

A.G. Rhodes Board of Trustees & Board of Advisors, A.G. Rhodes

John Hicks,
Director of Capital Projects

A.G. Rhodes Board of Trustees & Board of Advisors, A.G. Rhodes

Stephanie Batson,
Executive Assistant

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