Caring Through COVID Questions

We continue to provide the critical long-term care, short-term recovery and therapy and rehabilitation services that our community’s older adults need. Please contact us for questions about room availability. You can also click here to take a virtual tour.

We have many measures in place to protect our residents and staff from COVID-19 and to minimize risk of exposure when caring for those diagnosed with the virus. We follow guidelines and recommendations from numerous organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Department of Public Health (DPH), and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Here are some of the measures we are implementing:

Infection Prevention & Control. We implement stringent infection prevention and control measures, frequent hand washing and cleaning of our buildings and surfaces, and extra precaution when caring for residents, especially residents exhibiting any symptoms of illness regardless of the nature of those symptoms. 

Regular Screenings. We screen all staff and personnel who enter our buildings, including temperature checks. If someone’s temperature is elevated or if they display other symptoms, they are instructed to leave and follow up with their doctor. 

Closely Monitor Residents. There is a designated area in each A.G. Rhodes community to closely monitor some residents for symptoms of COVID-19. This area allows us to more safely isolate residents who are at greater risk of testing positive for COVID-19. Additionally, we temporarily quarantine some residents—including those who are newly admitted—for their safety and for the safety of others.

Because of the highly infectious nature of this virus and that it impacts people so differently, we are closely monitoring all our residents for symptoms and we are conducting regular temperature checks and routine assessments. While we immediately move residents displaying symptoms to the designated areas to be isolated, we may also send residents immediately to the hospital depending on the severity of their symptoms.

Closely Monitor Staff. Staff are instructed not to report to work if they are feeling ill, and if they report to work and do not pass the screening, they are immediately sent home and instructed to contact their doctor. If a staff member feels ill during their shift, they are instructed to immediately go home and contact their doctor. We follow CDC guidelines for evaluating when and if it is safe for a staff member to come back to work.

Implement Social Distancing. Because of the highly infectious nature of COVID-19, we drastically changed our activities and communal events to align with social distancing guidance and directives from numerous organizations and agencies. Additionally, we encourage our staff to continue practicing social distancing among each other and outside of work.

COVID-19 Testing: We prioritize COVID-19 testing among residents and staff because we know that testing helps us better manage the spread of this virus. Learn more about our testing efforts.

Visit where we’re posting updates about COVID-19 vaccination at A.G. Rhodes.

We are following state and federal guidelines concerning visitation. Current guidelines allow for scheduled outdoor visits and scheduled indoor visits in a designated area as long as certain criteria are met. Visit for the latest information.

Our staff receive regular education and training and they are equipped with the knowledge and PPE to safely care for residents including those diagnosed with COVID-19 and those recovering from the virus.

On-site COVID-19 testing in our A.G. Rhodes communities helps us better manage the spread of the virus. Learn more about our testing efforts at A.G. Rhodes.

The information below includes measures we have in place to help stop the spread of both the flu and COVID-19.

Flu Vaccine. The CDC recommends a yearly flu vaccine as the first and most important step in protecting against flu viruses. While there are many different flu viruses, a flu vaccine protects against the viruses that research suggests will be most common. Upon consent, we administer the flu vaccine to all our residents. Additionally, all of our employees are required to get the flu vaccine, which we administer onsite if needed.

While it’s not possible to say with certainty what will happen in the fall and winter, the CDC believes it’s likely that flu viruses and the virus that causes COVID-19 will both be spreading. In this context, getting a flu vaccine will be more important than ever.

Infection Prevention & Control. Similar infection prevention and control measures help stop the spread of the flu and COVID-19. The stringent measures we currently have in place will continue as we combat COVID-19 and prepare for flu season. Such measures include frequent hand washing and sanitizing, disinfecting, using personal protective equipment (PPE), isolating residents who are being treated or monitored for infectious diseases and viruses, and more.

Testing. Our onsite COVID-19 and flu testing capabilities will help us better manage the spread of these viruses. Additionally, all our residents and staff are tested for COVID-19 regardless of if they display symptoms.

Education & Training. We hold regular educational sessions with staff on a wide variety of topics including proper infection prevention and control procedures and proper use of PPE.

Promote Flu Season and COVID-19 Safety. We encourage all of our employees—as well as the community in general—to practice good infection prevention at work and in the community. Social distancing, wearing masks, practicing good hygiene, and getting the flu shot will help keep our residents, staff and communities safer.

For more information about the 2020-2021 flu season, including frequently asked questions, click here to visit the CDC’s website.

Through our partnership with Aegis Therapies, our highly trained therapists are safely providing the services that our residents need. For those who are being monitored for or treated for COVID-19, therapists take necessary precautions and wear the appropriate PPE that allow them to continue services such as physical, occupational and speech therapies.

A.G. Rhodes has numerous programs to address the unique clinical needs that may accompany a positive COVID-19 diagnosis.

We have a dedicated set of Frequently Asked Questions concerning the COVID-19 vaccine at A.G. Rhodes. Click here to review the vaccine FAQs, which will be frequently updated.

We are adapting our programs and activities to meet safety guidelines while continuing to take a holistic approach when caring for residents’ physical, social and mental health needs. We also understand the importance of residents and family members staying connected when they can’t physically be together, and we facilitate regular face-to-face virtual meetings using technology such as Skype and FaceTime.

We’ve had many requests from the community asking how they can help support our residents and staff during this challenging time. To see some ideas, visit If you have ideas that you’d like to share, email

General Questions

The Georgia Healthcare Association has a comprehensive consumer guide to help you answer many of the questions you may have before making the important decision about the type of facility that’s right for you or your loved one.

We understand that it’s important to see the community that you’re interested in, which is why we’ve posted virtual tours online. Click here to take a virtual tour of each of our homes.

Of course, we are also happy to answer any questions you have and discuss your options. Please feel free to contact us.

Each A.G. Rhodes location provides a welcoming atmosphere where you’ll feel safe, comfortable and right at home.

Our modern and bright facilities are meticulously maintained, and residents and guests frequently comment on how inviting the environment is. From the interiors, to the lighting, to the flooring and gardens – everything has been considered with the well-being of our residents in mind. The moment you enter, you’ll discover warm, comforting surroundings.

This is our mission statement:

 A.G. Rhodes provides expert and compassionate rehabilitation therapy and residential care to seniors in metro Atlanta.

From the first time we meet you, our staff will welcome you into our warm, family environment.

As one of Atlanta’s oldest nonprofits, our commitment to excellence has been a tradition for more than 115 years. We will continue to set the industry standard by serving our seniors with respect – and maintaining a commitment to your privacy, individuality and independence. Our staff is also trained in person-directed care, and we strive to accommodate the needs and preferences of those who stay with us.

From Nurses and Certified Nursing Assistants, therapists, and activities directors, to dietitians, social workers and housekeeping staff – there are approximately 500 care partners, and an additional 100 contractual staff within our dietary and therapy departments, who are proud to work for A. G. Rhodes. We are a mission-driven organization, committed to excellence in everything we do.

Our employees have more tenure than most long-term care facilities. We continuously maintain excellent staff-to-patient ratios. And most important, each one of us has a personal interest in caring for others.

At each location, certified nursing care is provided twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week including all holidays. Housekeeping service is offered seven days a week.

We accommodate more than 400 residents; 138 at our Atlanta home, 125 at our Cobb home, and 150 at our Wesley Woods home. We serve more than 1,300 people a year.

Each A.G. Rhodes location provides private and semi-private rooms. But we don’t just think of them as rooms. Whether you’re here for a few days, or longer, we want this to be a comfortable place for you to stay so we encourage you to personalize your space with your belongings and style.

Every time we enter a resident’s room, we knock on the door and ask if it’s okay to come in. We respect your personal space.

Privacy curtains are used, if needed. And nurse call systems at every bedside are answered in a timely manner. Our specially equipped bathrooms are complete with whirlpool baths and hydraulic lifts to enable our residents to maintain independence while getting assistance, if necessary.

In partnership with Unidine, chefs at A.G. Rhodes prepare delicious meals and snacks daily. Additionally, registered dietitians will meet with you personally to create an individualized balanced diet — taking into consideration your likes and dislikes. From fried chicken to gourmet hamburgers to lasagna, our menu includes a balanced range of options. We also prepare meals for those with special dietary needs. Click here to see some of the delicious items that are featured throughout our homes.

Meals are served in the dining rooms or we can bring them to you (even when you’re relaxing outside). We invite family and friends to purchase a meal ticket and dine with us.

We launder items on a daily basis on-site with a 24-48 hour turnaround time for personal clothing. We have a special labeling system for belongings to mitigate lost or misplaced items.

At A.G. Rhodes, your safety and health are our top priorities. That’s why we’ve installed the latest state-of-the art security systems. At each location, we have controlled access systems, security cameras and monitoring, and sprinkler systems and fire extinguishers are strategically located throughout the buildings. Additionally, a safety committee meets monthly at each of our facilities to review, develop and implement safety procedures for employees and residents, and to facilitate frequent safety training and drills to ensure we are prepared to respond in the event of an emergency.

Nursing home residents have rights and protections under the law. It is required that nursing homes display these rights and give new residents or their representative a personal copy.

A.G. Rhodes is committed to not only following the legal requirements for residents’ rights, but also setting the standard for the industry for excellence in care. We don’t simply adhere to guidelines for caring for residents, we constantly evaluate our approach to ensure everyone is treated with respect at all times.

The A.G. Rhodes homes are three of the few, mission-driven nonprofit nursing home providers operating in Georgia. As a 501(c)(3) organization, all donations are tax deductible.

We believe our nonprofit status is a fundamental difference in our approach to resident and patient care. Donations go directly into providing an excellent experience and an improved quality of life for our residents, not into stockholder accounts.

For more than 115 years, everyone at A.G. Rhodes has focused on this mission. We continue to uphold a long-standing tradition of serving seniors in our community, but we couldn’t do it without our generous community.

If you would like to make a donation, click here.

Our homes have earned high quality ratings through Medicare’s Nursing Home Compare.

We are one of the oldest and largest nonprofit organizations in Atlanta, and one of the largest nonprofit employers according to the Atlanta Business Chronicle Book of Lists.

A.G. Rhodes is ranked among The Atlanta Journal Constitution’s Top Workplaces in Atlanta.

Click here to read more about our awards and recognition.

Each year, the Georgia Department of Community Health sends inspection teams unannounced to nursing homes throughout the state for an annual survey of their operations and facilities. Any deficiencies found in this survey are subject to correction within 90 days.

A current state survey book is kept at each of our homes for your review at any time. Our surveys typically show that all of our homes are rated “much above” average.

When looking for long-term care or short-term recovery services, it’s important to understand what is and isn’t covered, and what forms of payment your provider will accept.

A.G. Rhodes provides service and care to anyone regardless of race, creed, sex, national origin, sexual orientation and/or gender identity. We accept Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance and private pay resources. The coverage of services and costs will vary based on your payer source’s rules, guidelines and eligibility requirements.

Click here for a brief overview of some services covered under payment sources that A.G. Rhodes accepts. You should also contact your payer source for more information specific to your situation and coverage plan.

Visit our homes’ fees and services pages to find out more about the costs at each of our locations: