Volunteer Descriptions

Volunteers are integral to the happiness and well-being of our residents. We could not provide the variety of meaningful activities and programs we do without the time and talents of our volunteers.

Please see these descriptions of our most common volunteer opportunities. All except internships are open to youth of all ages with adult supervision. We can also customize your experience based on other skills or interests you may have or other scheduling needs. Please note that COVID-19 conditions and/or other health and safety risks may change the availability of volunteer activities or may require that activities be modified.

Activity Assistant (up to 10 volunteers based on time and location)
Creative expression and social interaction are vital to the mental and physical well-being of seniors. Help run an activity session for our residents such as BINGO, arts/crafts, games, social events and more!

Music Therapy (up to 5 volunteers per session)
Many physical, psychological and social benefits are associated with music, especially for seniors who struggle with dementia and other cognitive and physical challenges. Help assist in a Music Therapy group by spending one-on-one time with a resident as they participate. No music experience necessary.

Songs for Seniors/iPod Program (individual volunteers)
Assist with this exciting program by delivering iPods to our residents with personalized music, discussing their use of the iPod system, or ensuring that the iPods remain charged.

Horticultural Therapy (can accommodate a flexible number of volunteers based on task)
Horticultural Therapy is the purposeful use of plants and gardens to promote mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and intellectual well-being. Volunteers are needed to assist the Horticultural Therapist during sessions as well as help maintain the therapeutic greenhouse, gardens and general outdoor facilities.

Pet Therapy (individual volunteers)
Many of our residents are pet lovers and miss having a pet to spend time with once they come to A.G. Rhodes. Come volunteer with your pet and you can help brighten a day, reduce loneliness, and bring back fond memories. Pets do not need to be therapy-certified, but they must be well-trained, friendly, and good with people. Ongoing vetted volunteers only.

Resident Visitation (individual volunteers)
Spend valuable one-on-one time with residents visiting, reading, writing letters/emails, and playing games.  This is a wonderful opportunity for families with young children and anyone who would like to “adopt a grandparent.” Ongoing vetted volunteers only.

Entertainment (can accommodate flexible number of volunteers)
Do you have a special talent you’d like to share with our residents? Whether you’re a solo act, part of a dance group, or a storyteller (just to name a few!), we would love for you to bring some fun and smiles to brighten the day.

Outings Escort (up to 5 volunteers as needed)
Escort residents on shopping trips and visits around town during scheduled outings. Transportation to and from the outings is provided by A.G. Rhodes.

Special Interest Clubs (individual volunteers)
Do you have a special interest in bridge, knitting, yoga, or arts and crafts? These are just a few ideas, and we are always looking for volunteers who would like to share their special interest or talent in forming a club for our residents.

Internships (individual volunteers)
A.G. Rhodes can accept a limited number of interns in the following fields: Food Service/Dietetic, Rehab, Pastoral Care, and Speech/OT/PT Therapies. Interns follow the same intake process as volunteers.

Generation Connect
Generation Connect is a program that promotes intergenerational relationships between youth and elders through volunteering. Special projects offered include Adopt A Grandparent, Oral History Recordings, and our inaugural Service Camp that took place in June 2019. A.G. Rhodes has partnered with Pebble Tossers, a nonprofit youth service organization and family volunteering resource, to implement many of our Generation Connect projects.

Virtual Volunteering and Other Ways to Help

COVID-19 impacted greatly how we utilize volunteers in our homes. While we were not able to accommodate volunteers physically in our homes, volunteers provided tremendous support to our residents (and staff!) through emails, cards, donations of activity supplies and treats, and even virtual classes. So even though we’re able to resume in-person volunteering once again, we will continue to offer these opportunities to those who may live too far away to come in or would prefer to serve from home.

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Check out our volunteer requirements, and download and fill out an application form to get started. To ensure your information will be saved, it is suggested that you first save the blank form to your device before typing, then reopen the form and fill in the fields.

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Questions? Please contact Kim Beasley, Director of Communications & Outreach: volunteer@agrhodes.org or 404-245-4111.