Tips to help you with your search on‘s Nursing Home Compare:

  • Nursing Home Compare has detailed information about every Medicare and Medicaid-certified nursing home in the country. Simply enter a location and name (optional) in the search box to get data from various nursing homes.

  • You can select up to three nursing homes from the search results, click “Add to Compare,” and “Compare Now” to compare them with each other.


  • Once your nursing homes are in your search results, click on the “Quality Measure” tab, and scroll down to access quality data for short-stay and long-stay residents.


  • When reviewing the quality data, which you can do so in table or graph form, statewide and nationwide averages are also made available.

  • In addition to the quality data, you can also review the latest health inspection results, which are commonly known as state survey results. When you find a nursing home or nursing homes to review, click on the “Health & Fire Safety Inspections” tab, and scroll down to see the “Health inspection details”. Nursing homes keep a hard copy of these results in the facility so you may also request to see a copy there.