Our New Look, A.G. Rhodes

Our New Look!

A.G. Rhodes has gone through a rebranding process, resulting in a new logo and tagline for the organization. Chief Executive Officer Deke Cateau shares more about the rebranding effort in a recent question and answer session.

Watch a short video to see the transformation to the new logo!

Why the rebrand?

It was time for us to better align our brand—and logo—with the significant progress we’ve made, and continue to make, to promote a better environment and quality of life for people as they age.

We’re proud of the compassionate, exceptional care that we’ve provided for 115 years, but we know that the nursing home of the past is no longer an acceptable option for the growing number of older adults who need our services—particularly those who are living with dementia. That’s why several years ago we began transforming our institutional model of care to one that is more home-like, and we became one of the first organizations in the state to embrace a person-directed approach to elder care.

Person-directed care is the kind of care that we all want for our loved ones and for ourselves as we age. It means that choices and actions consider the elder’s unique personality, history and interests, and it puts decision-making in the hands of the elder, or in the hands of those closest to him or her. Person-directed care has become a best practice in elder care, and we have demonstrated the importance and effectiveness of this model in our communities.

What do the new logo and tagline mean for the organization?

Our focus on person-directed care has been an incredibly significant and positive change for us, and we needed a visual representation of that. The new logo incorporates a segmented heart which is subtly divided into three sections to represent three foundations of our brand: community, wellness and care.

At A.G. Rhodes, we facilitate a strong sense of community among our elders, their families, employee care partners and volunteers. We promote overall wellness through our innovative programming, state-of-the-art therapy and rehabilitation services, and diverse activities and events. And we have a strong reputation for the exceptional care that we provide and have provided for 115 years. Quite fitting, our new tagline is the heart of who we are and what we do.

What do you want people to know about A.G. Rhodes, and how does the rebrand help to achieve that?

A.G. Rhodes will continue to be a premier provider of long-term care, short-term care and therapy and rehabilitation services. Our core mission hasn’t changed but the way we’re delivering our services has evolved and improved, and this rebrand supports that transformation.

Our New Look, A.G. Rhodes