An Invaluable Asset
Employee Spotlight: Vanissa Johson, Activities Director, A.G. Rhodes Atlanta

An Invaluable Asset, A.G. Rhodes

Vanissa Johnson, the Activities Program Director at A.G. Rhodes of Atlanta, has been around seniors all her life.

“I grew up spending the summers with my grandmother and great grandmother and I’ve always enjoyed being around elders. Those are some of my fondest memories—cooking with my grandmother and great grandmother, just sitting down and talking to them.”

After graduating college with a sociology degree, Vanissa called A.G. Rhodes to see if they had any job openings. At the time, A.G. Rhodes was about to open its Cobb location, and she took a job there as the Social Services Director. A few years later, an Activities Director position opened at A.G. Rhodes Atlanta so Vanissa took a certification course and transferred to fill that role.

It was nearly 32 years ago when Vanissa made her first call to A.G. Rhodes, and she says the last three decades have been a blessing.

“What I have enjoyed the most is developing relationships with the residents, being able to spend quality time with them, and getting to know their families. It’s been a blessing for me to be able to develop these relationships.”

An Invaluable Asset, A.G. Rhodes
Ms. Washington Hits the Big Apple

And the relationships have led to countless meaningful opportunities. Of many examples, last year Vanissa escorted resident Marilyn Washington to New York City. Click here to read the story. Another recent example is that Vanissa, a Spelman College alumnus, facilitated a Spelman homecoming celebration for the oldest living Spelman alumnus, 104-year-old Annie Moore, who is a resident at A.G. Rhodes. Click here to watch the story that aired on Fox 5.

A.G. Rhodes Atlanta Administrator Machele Pace says it’s clear that Vanissa is fulfilling her calling.

An Invaluable Asset, A.G. Rhodes
Spelman Homecoming Celebration

“What’s remarkable about Vanissa is that she almost always has a smile on her face. She’s kind and selfless, and she does everything with compassion and excellence. She’s not only a wonderful member of our team; she’s an invaluable asset to A.G. Rhodes.”

Vanissa says it’s been exciting to see all the positive changes at A.G. Rhodes throughout her tenure.

“It’s been amazing to see the growth. We started focusing more on rehab, we have more innovative programs, we incorporate more technology, and we have an onsite dialysis clinic now.”

But one thing that hasn’t changed is Vanissa’s love and appreciation for her team.

“I am really grateful for my staff and the support of all the other staff at A.G. Rhodes. And I’m so appreciative of my volunteers, especially my long-time volunteers.”

While most people might be making retirement plans after 30 years on the job, fortunately for A.G. Rhodes that’s currently not on Vanissa’s radar.

“I have no plans to retire soon. I want to work as long as God allows me to work, and as long as I still find joy in my work.”

February 2024