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Respite Care

Evaluating Senior Therapy And Rehabilitation Care Options

Today, people in Georgia sometimes seek assistance evaluating available senior therapy and rehabilitation care options. This year, the Medicare.gov website supplied a new tool to assist consumers. Anyone seeking to evaluate nursing home facilities can now visit http://www.medicare.gov/nursinghomecompare/ .The government …

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Physical Effects of Laughter

Cheerfulness Offers Important Physical Benefits

Perhaps you’ve heard the old expression describing laughter as “the best medicine”? Today, a growing body of evidence supports the health value of positive emotions and laughter. These findings may help improve the daily lives of elderly patients undergoing senior …

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It’s Music to the Ears for Seniors at A.G. Rhodes

“It’s pretty,” says one resident when Karen Lupton, Director of Songs for Seniors at A.G. Rhodes, places softly cushioned headphones over her ears and pushes ‘play.’ As Lupton visits with seniors, she makes it her business to figure out what …

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Human Memory Loss

Surprising New Research May Eventually Help Patients Suffering From Memory Loss

In early May, 2019, several teams of researchers published studies which offers new insight into brain development and repair. The creation of neurons in the brain during adulthood, once thought impossible, may eventually offer assistance to people suffering from a …

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Horticultural Therapy Participants Ask, “Does it Bloom?”

Horticultural Therapy Participants Ask, “Does it Bloom?” Smiling women frequently asked that question sitting around the table full of succulent desert plants at a recent session of Horticultural Therapy on the dementia-specific floor. Kirk Hines, HTR, Horticultural Therapist, answers the …

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