A.G. Rhodes Health & Rehab

Post-Surgical Therapy Assists Many Patients in Retaining Important Skills

Today, senior therapy and rehabilitation patients enter skilled long term nursing care facilities for a wide variety of medical reasons. A significant percentage require post-surgical therapy. The provision of this service holds great value in helping residents enjoy a better …

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The Work of Skilled Dieticians Assists Senior Therapy And Rehabilitation

One important aspect of maintaining a cutting-edge senior therapy and rehabilitation center involves obtaining the services of skilled dieticians. These professionals assist long term care facilities in selecting nutritious and tasty menu items. Their work plays an integral part in …

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Flu Season Safety at A.G. Rhodes: Please Read Before You Visit

As a nursing community, we care for many at-risk elders. Especially during flu season, we need your help to make A.G. Rhodes a safer environment. Before you visit, please read the following flu prevention recommendations and information. Don’t visit if …

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Physical Effects of Laughter

Why Maintaining Cheerful Environments Matters in The Provision of High Quality Long Term Care

Families seeking care services for an aging loved one sometimes feel challenged evaluating different residential settings. They may wonder why outstanding long term care and senior therapy and rehabilitation centers usually emphasize social activities, for instance. This brief article explores …

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Long Term Care Statistics

Eight Essential Long Term Care Statistics

People concerned about long term care issues frequently benefit by learning critical statistics about this complex field. Whether you work for a care facility or you rely upon senior therapy and rehabilitation programs to assist a loved one, certain important …

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