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It’s Music to the Ears for Seniors at A.G. Rhodes

“It’s pretty,” says one resident when Karen Lupton, Director of Songs for Seniors at A.G. Rhodes, places softly cushioned headphones over her ears and pushes ‘play.’ As Lupton visits with seniors, she makes it her business to figure out what …

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Resident Spotlight: Alice Isreal

Alice Isreal, an Atlanta native, worked at Morehouse College for many years before she retired from there. She started off as a dishwasher but her personality and willingness to help prepare food when the kitchen needed extra hands was noticed …

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Horticultural Therapy Participants Ask, “Does it Bloom?”

Horticultural Therapy Participants Ask, “Does it Bloom?” Smiling women frequently asked that question sitting around the table full of succulent desert plants at a recent session of Horticultural Therapy on the dementia-specific floor. Kirk Hines, HTR, Horticultural Therapist, answers the …

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Flu Safety this Spring: What You Need to Know

It’s a common misconception that once springtime is here, the flu is no longer a threat. Health care providers everywhere continue seeing cases of the flu emerge, and we urge you to follow these flu safety tips, especially if you’re …

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Music therapy for seniors | A.G. Rhodes

A.G. Rhodes: Music Therapy May Hold Quality of Life Benefits For Some Seniors

Today, scientists around the world devote research attention to assisting patients suffering from dementia. Conditions such as Alzheimer’s Disease frequently create challenges for caregivers. Individuals suffering from senior dementia often appear to spend time dwelling on the past; they may …

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