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Respite Care

About Respite Care

Today, the concept of “respite care” has gained national attention. This subject holds particular importance for people caring for incapacitated or ailing loved ones at home. In fact, some short-term senior care services provided by skilled nursing facilities and hospitals …

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Emotional Support

Promote Short-Term Senior Care Recovery By Expressing Emotional Support

Have you wondered how you might assist the wellbeing of someone receiving short-term senior care? Today, considerable evidence supports the value of simply maintaining a positive, cheerful presence in another person’s life. As they struggle to recover from an illness …

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Preventing Falls in Living Spaces

The Importance of Preventing Falls in Living Spaces

Accidental slips and falls pose a significant hazard today. In fact, this type of mishap often results in the need for short-term senior care services. This brief article discusses just a few of the ways people caring for older loved …

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Online Game desgined to assist stroke victim

Online Games Designed to Assist Stroke Victims

Today, impressive advances in technology sometimes assist people in overcoming health challenges. Elderly stroke patients still comprise a significant percentage of people requiring short-term senior care. Agrowing body of scientific studies suggest encouraging these individuals to participate in fun Internet-based …

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Dementia Care in Atlanta GA | A.G. Rhodes Health & Rehab

Respite Care: One Form of Short Term Senior Care

Today, the medical community widely appreciates the importance of protecting family caregivers from stress and inadvertent burnout. Tending to the needs of an ailing loved one sometimes proves challenging indeed. In order to ensure a good quality of daily life …

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