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Respite Care: One Form of Short Term Senior Care

Today, the medical community widely appreciates the importance of protecting family caregivers from stress and inadvertent burnout. Tending to the needs of an ailing loved one sometimes proves challenging indeed. In order to ensure a good quality of daily life …

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Short term senior care

How Will Demographic Changes Impact Short Term Senior Care in The Future?

Today, the United States continues to undergo rapid demographic changes. In all likelihood, the trends observed by population experts will exercise a significant impact upon senior care in coming years. Paying close attention to these developments will assist Baby Boomers …

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Flu Safety this Spring: What You Need to Know

It’s a common misconception that once springtime is here, the flu is no longer a threat. Health care providers everywhere continue seeing cases of the flu emerge, and we urge you to follow these flu safety tips, especially if you’re …

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Ways to Pay for Senior Care Services

Some Helpful Ways to Pay For Senior Care Services

Family members sometimes struggle to afford care services for elderly loved ones. Both long term senior care and short-term senior care usually result in significant bills. This brief article addresses some of the most popular ways to pay for these …

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Music therapy for seniors | A.G. Rhodes

A.G. Rhodes: Music Therapy May Hold Quality of Life Benefits For Some Seniors

Today, scientists around the world devote research attention to assisting patients suffering from dementia. Conditions such as Alzheimer’s Disease frequently create challenges for caregivers. Individuals suffering from senior dementia often appear to spend time dwelling on the past; they may …

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