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Short term senior care

Skin Care: An Important Issue Impacting Seniors With Limited Mobility

Facilities that excel in providing high quality short-term senior care appreciate the vital importance of maintaining healthy skin. Pressure sores impact the well being of patients with limited mobility. This brief article explores this topic. Fundamental Skin Care: A Concern …

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Short Term Care

Four Reasons Why Seniors May Require Short Term Care Services

Today, elderly patients recovering from illnesses or accidents sometimes benefit from spending several days, weeks, or months in a short-term senior care facility. Why do physicians often request this assistance for their patients? This brief article describes four reasons why …

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Flu Season Safety at A.G. Rhodes: Please Read Before You Visit

As a nursing community, we care for many at-risk elders. Especially during flu season, we need your help to make A.G. Rhodes a safer environment. Before you visit, please read the following flu prevention recommendations and information. Don’t visit if …

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Seniors and Balance

Discover Useful Senior Home Accessibility Tools

Frequently, patients undergoing short-term senior care benefit from a variety of accessibility tools after their return home. An elderly person who has sustained a slip-and-fall accident, a stroke, a heart attack, or some other potentially debilitating medical condition often requires …

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Helpful tips

Six Tips For Helping a Senior in Short Term Care Enjoy a Visit With a Beloved Pet

Today, a growing number of medical authorities recognize value in encouraging loved ones and pets to visit patients undergoing short-term senior care. These reunions usually raise the spirits of elderly patients. A patient may feel inspired to recover faster in …

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