Benefits of Short-Term Senior Care, A.G. Rhodes

In the not-too-distant past, moving into a senior care facility functionally meant that the elderly person would never live on their own again. However, that scenario has changed a great deal. Short-term care offers a lot of benefits.


A senior citizen can use short-term senior care to recover from a broken bone, rehab after a surgery or regain their strength after an illness.

If you or your loved one has suffered a stroke or is learning to work with a long-term physical limitation, the power of rehab care can do a great deal to improve their quality of life as they transition back into their home.


Should your home need to be adapted to make it easier for you to age in place, accessing short-term care can help a great deal. For example, if you will need to use a scooter or a wheelchair, you may need to have your doorways expanded and your bathrooms improved.

You may also need to learn to manage the chair, the scooter and your basic needs. Rehab care can help you build these new skills while your house is repaired and upgraded so you can move home and function well in your improved space.


Many seniors find themselves living in extreme isolation as time passes. If you or your loved one seem to be spending a lot of time alone, losing joy in regular activities, or neglecting their hygiene, the isolation they are facing could actually be contributing to depression. To avoid the hazards inherent in this condition, access to additional care with others in a similar situation could greatly improve their outlook.

Rehab and Physical Fitness

Entering short-term care may push you into unfamiliar and perhaps uncomfortable experiences. However, these classes are a fun way to get moving, stretch and improve your body, and learn new skills. Brain health is all about creating new neural pathways and building new connections. From games to crafts to chair yoga, you can greatly improve your health and your outlook by trying new activities.

Access to temporary elder care can be the difference between a dangerous fall and a stronger body. Trying new skills can help you train your brain to fight off isolation, anxiety and depression. Time in an elder care facility can go a long way toward securing a safe and happy future.