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Use Moderate Exercise to Help Keep Your Mind Alert And Active, Too!

Health experts have long touted the benefits of a regular exercise program for aging bodies. Now, a recent study conducted jointly in the United States and Japan suggests even 10 minute spurts of mild physical activity help young people improve …

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Rehabilitation After Stroke

A.G. Rhodes: Assisting Stroke Victims During Recovery

Today, physicians recognize stroke as a significant medical condition. As a company dedicated to providing short-term care and rehabilitation services, A.G. Rhodes pays close attention to information concerning this disease. Efforts to promote faster stroke rehabilitation hold great benefits for …

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Music therapy for seniors | A.G. Rhodes

A.G. Rhodes: Music Therapy May Hold Quality of Life Benefits For Some Seniors

Today, scientists around the world devote research attention to assisting patients suffering from dementia. Conditions such as Alzheimer’s Disease frequently create challenges for caregivers. Individuals suffering from senior dementia often appear to spend time dwelling on the past; they may …

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senior rehabilitation services marietta

Therapy And Stroke Rehabilitation To Get You Back On Your Feet

If you or a family member needs rehabilitation after a stroke or other brain injury, then you are probably looking for a facility that provides innovative therapies to help you or your family member have the best quality of life …

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Flu Season Safety at A.G. Rhodes: Please Read Before You Visit

As a nursing community, we care for many at-risk elders. Especially during flu season, we need your help to make A.G. Rhodes a safer environment. Before you visit, please read the following flu prevention recommendations and information. Don’t visit if …

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