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New Implants Provide Drug-Free Pain Control in Some Patients

Today, physicians in the United States seek effective ways to help manage pain in patients. In the past, medical experts often relied extensively upon prescription medications as a first choice treatment. This approach holds some drawbacks, since the misuse of …

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A.G. Rhodes Partners with Aegis Therapies for Therapy and Rehabilitation Services

A.G. Rhodes has teamed up with Aegis Therapies to provide its inpatient and outpatient therapy and rehabilitation services. “Bringing in a specialized company like Aegis ensures that we have adequate resources and training to deliver the best possible care to …

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Video Gamification Offers Physical Rehabilitation Assistance

Today, researchers continue to search for useful tools to help promote the recovery of patients following strokes, accidental injuries, and other serious medical events which sometimes impair mobility. Senior therapy and rehabilitation may soon benefit from the process of video …

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Flu Safety this Spring: What You Need to Know

It’s a common misconception that once springtime is here, the flu is no longer a threat. Health care providers everywhere continue seeing cases of the flu emerge, and we urge you to follow these flu safety tips, especially if you’re …

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Therapy & Rehabilitation Gym at A.G. Rhodes Health & Rehab Cobb

Use Moderate Exercise to Help Keep Your Mind Alert And Active, Too!

Health experts have long touted the benefits of a regular exercise program for aging bodies. Now, a recent study conducted jointly in the United States and Japan suggests even 10 minute spurts of mild physical activity help young people improve …

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