New Sign-In/Sign-Out Visitor Process, A.G. RhodesThe next time you visit A.G. Rhodes, you may notice that we have a new kiosk located near the entrance of the building.

We ask that all visitors—including family members, volunteers, vendors, health care providers and others—sign in and out at the kiosk.

When you sign in, you’ll get a name badge and we ask that you wear the badge during the duration of your visit. This system helps us identify guests who are in the building, and all un-badged visitors will be redirected to the kiosk to sign in. Please be sure to sign out as you leave the building. Children who are accompanied by an adult do not need to sign in separately.

As a reminder, if your loved one stays at A.G. Rhodes and you are escorting them offsite, please notify the charge nurse.

Thank you for helping us maintain a safe and secure environment.

July 10, 2019