A.G. Rhodes Health & Rehab, a not-for-profit organization operating three skilled nursing facilities in the Atlanta area, is now offering horticultural and music therapy within its rehabilitation and therapy department.

A.G. Rhodes is among only a few service providers of its kind to offer these unique programs thanks to the recent addition of full time staff members Kirk Hines, Horticultural Therapist, and John Abel, Music Therapist.

Through horticultural therapy, patients engage in adapted gardening, success-oriented horticultural activities and nature contact as part of their individualized care plan. Treatment sessions are facilitated by a registered horticultural therapist and can range widely based on patient needs and interests. For example, planting herbs to increase sensory stimulation, sowing seeds or watering to improve motor skills, and group gardening to decrease isolation and depression are a few ways that horticultural therapy is used.

“Horticultural therapy is a time-proven treatment tool joining a time-honored organization,” said Hines. “This type of therapy has been used for thousands of years to treat the whole person.  I am very excited about offering this service and cultivating this program for those in the care of A.G. Rhodes.”

Music therapy incorporates musical activities to address physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs of individuals. Activities such as singing, moving or listening to music can help improve speech, motor skills, memory and balance.

“I have witnessed the positive effects of music therapy throughout my 25 years as a music therapist,” said Abel. “I am thrilled to be bringing this treatment modality to the wonderful services already in place at A.G. Rhodes.”

Kirk and John join A.G. Rhodes
Kirk Hines (left) and John Abel (right) join A.G. Rhodes.

A.G. Rhodes has set the standard for serving an aging community since 1904, and these new programs reflect a commitment to offer the best and most distinctive therapy and programming available.

“We constantly seek innovative approaches in providing superior care to those we serve, “said Albert Blackwelder, A.G. Rhodes’ Chief Executive Officer. “The expertise that Kirk and John bring to A.G. Rhodes will significantly enhance the services we offer.”

Prior to joining A.G. Rhodes, Hines and Abel worked at Emory’s Wesley Woods Geriatric Hospital.

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