A Calling to Serve
Employee Spotlight: Stephanie Bacino, LPN
A.G. Rhodes Atlanta

A Calling to Serve, A.G. Rhodes

People who join the Marine Corps vow to live by three core values: honor, courage, and commitment. So, it’s no surprise that Marine Corps Veteran and Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) Stephanie Bacino continues to embody these values each day. The daughter of a Vietnam War Veteran and the oldest of four siblings, Stephanie’s life and career have been guided by a strong work ethic, physical and mental toughness, and a passion for service. Following the Marine Corps, Stephanie served as a corrections officer for nearly 20 years before pursuing her dream career from childhood which was inspired by her grandmother: nursing.

“I was close to my grandmother. She was also an LPN; I was always intrigued by that.”

For several years Stephanie was a hospice nurse and worked in various senior care settings. When her husband’s job moved them from South Jersey to the Atlanta area a couple of years ago, Stephanie worked as an agency nurse before landing at A.G. Rhodes Atlanta where she’s been for nearly a year. She says she’s drawn to serving older adults.

“I think it’s an awesome way to honor your elders.”

Interim Administrator Loretta Barnes says Stephanie has made a big impression in the short time she’s been at A.G. Rhodes.

“The residents, families and staff all love her. She makes a point to get to know people and takes a genuine interest in everyone she meets.”

Stephanie says relationship building is one of the most important aspects of her job, and building good relationships with the elders’ family members is key to establishing trust.

“The families know me; they know they can call me. I love the fact that I am taking care of their loved ones, but I’m taking care of them too. I like to keep everyone in the loop.”

One way Stephanie promotes good relationships is by learning everyone’s name. She says this simple effort goes a long way.

“It’s meaningful because it helps you personalize everything you do and because we need each other and depend on each other.”

This, and leading by example, are key in fostering good teamwork and respect among her fellow care partners, Stephanie says.

“I get a lot of orientees. I love teaching them and showing the way and the culture of A.G. Rhodes; that we’re resident-oriented, family-oriented. And, that no one is above any task.”

Stephanie also enjoys educating new care partners about the unique history of A.G. Rhodes.

“I love history and I fell in love with this place as soon as I started working here. I love giving new employees a tour and telling them about the significance of Amos Giles Rhodes and about working at the original A.G. Rhodes; we’re at the original!”

Stephanie added, “When you know the mission and who you’re standing for and who you’re working for, you get that pep in your step.”

June 2024