Employee Spotlight: Vernice Goodwin, CNA, A.G. RhodesIf you’re looking for positive energy and good conversation, look no further than Vernice Goodwin, a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) at A.G. Rhodes Atlanta.

“Even in the most stressful of situations, Vernice is smiling and upbeat,” said Kristie Davis, Administrator at A.G. Rhodes Atlanta. “That positive outlook is so important, especially at this time.”

Vernice is an optimist, in large part because of her faith. She says that despite the fears surrounding COVID-19, she is comforted, strengthened, and remains focused and at peace through prayer.

“Prayer works,” she said. “Just pray and get in there and say, ‘Lord, cover us.’ Give it to God and leave it alone, and don’t mess with it.”

Vernice didn’t set out to become a professional caregiver, but her inclination to help people—combined with her outgoing and social personality—make her a natural fit for the job. She was also a caregiver for her grandmother and her mother, who Vernice took care of until she passed away from breast cancer.

Vernice began her career in long-term care in the early 2000’s when she started working in the environmental services department at a nonprofit nursing home in her hometown of Baltimore, Maryland. She was inspired by a nurse there, “Ms. B,” who took Vernice under her wing and urged her to pursue CNA certification, which she obtained shortly after.

“She saw my interest and encouraged it,” Vernice said.

A couple of years ago Vernice moved to Georgia and began working at A.G. Rhodes. When asked what Vernice enjoys most about her job, she immediately replied, “Interacting with the residents.”

She says she enjoys learning about their background and history, and listening to the nuggets of wisdom and advice they offer.

“If you sit and talk to your residents, they’ll give you a story,” she said.

Vernice acknowledges that her job can be stressful and demanding—especially in recent times—but her passion for helping people makes the job worthwhile. Her passion translates directly into the care she provides, and she is perceptive in anticipating the needs and preferences of her residents.

When delivering care, she asks herself, “If it were your loved one, what would you do? It will cost you nothing to do the right thing,” she said.

Vernice has some advice for getting through challenging days like those presented during COVID-19: “Start off positive and you’ll end up a with a positive day.”

Thank you, Vernice, for bringing your positivity to A.G. Rhodes.

More about Vernice:
Vernice enjoys listening to music—especially Gospel music—dancing, and finding humor in everyday life. She has two adult sons and three grandchildren.

October 2020