We accommodate more than 400 residents; 138 at our Atlanta home, 130 at our Cobb home, and 150 at our Wesley Woods home. We serve more than 1,100 people a year.

Each A.G. Rhodes location provides private and semi-private rooms. But we don’t just think of them as rooms. Whether you’re here for a few days, or longer, we want this to be a comfortable place for you to stay so we encourage you to personalize your space with your belongings and style.

Every time we enter a resident’s room, we knock on the door and ask if it’s okay to come in. We respect your personal space.

Privacy curtains are used, if needed. And nurse call systems at every bedside are answered in a timely manner. Our specially equipped bathrooms are complete with whirlpool baths and hydraulic lifts to enable our residents to maintain independence while getting assistance, if necessary.