Many seniors find themselves stuck in a rut as they get older and retire. Without work or family to command their attention, some people lose their sense of purpose altogether, which negatively affects their physical and mental health. If this sounds familiar, remember: retirement isn’t just the end of your working years – it’s the beginning of a life unhindered by strict schedules and obligations. If anything, this is the perfect time to take up a new hobby.


Many seniors find themselves in chronic pain due to an injury, a sedentary lifestyle or general aging. Swimming is one of the best exercises to help alleviate this pain, as it is cardiovascular, strengthening the heart, and low-impact, sparing joints. Simply walking laps in the pool or kicking while holding a float can help you build muscle. Those who are more social will likely enjoy a group water aerobics class or may even want to consider joining a synchronized swimming team.


As anyone with a green thumb can attest, gardening is a stress-relieving and fulfilling hobby. Gardeners relish the vivid colors and aromas of their plants while also benefiting from extra aerobic exercise and exposure to sunshine and fresh air. Beginners might try a simple herb or kitchen garden, whereas experts may decorate their whole backyard with vibrant blooms and healthy vegetables. Social butterflies can bond with neighbors at their local community garden.


Writing is an excellent way to preserve memories, express creativity and connect with others. Join a writing club to weave fantastical stories and make friends at the same time, or start an online blog about a topic that interests you. If you love reminiscing, you may find fulfillment by writing down your life story or just a few of your favorite memories in a journal that can be passed down through the generations. You can even write letters to a pen pal halfway across the world! Those with arthritis, Parkinson’s or other disabilities can write with help from weighted and ergonomic pens or speech-to-text software.

Arts and Crafts

There is much more to arts and crafts than simply painting a pretty picture. Art has proven therapeutic power, allowing seniors to release emotions while activating their creativity center of the brain. Knitting, sculpting, painting, jewelry making and photography are just a few ways to practice art. People with a knack for construction may prefer wood carving, furniture design or building model boats, planes and cars.


“Senior theatre” is a movement by seniors, for seniors, where anyone can perform regardless of age, ability or experience. In these groups, actors can recite lines from scripts or cue cards and go onstage with medical devices like wheelchairs. Performances typically revolve around themes of aging. Some of the troupes are even intergenerational, providing a great opportunity to socialize with people of all ages.

Volunteer with Children

Volunteering gives people a sense of purpose, alleviates loneliness and changes communities for the better. Working with children can be especially rewarding for seniors because they can pass their lessons on to the next generation while staying current. The kids themselves will gain an older role model, which can be especially important if they don’t have a grandparent in their lives.

Become Your Best You at A.G. Rhodes Health & Rehab

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