Recent severe weather events remind us how critical it is to be prepared for disasters and emergencies. At A.G. Rhodes, we have emergency response plans in place so that when severe weather or other emergencies threaten our area, we are prepared.

We keep several days’ worth of food and supplies in our homes in case vendors can’t deliver, and each home has a backup generator in case of power outages. We also maintain close contact with local authorities and first responders to ensure that we have their support if a situation were to require their response.

To practice our preparedness, we hold regular exercises, including severe weather and disaster drills, so that we know how to respond to various emergency situations. While we can’t possibly predict every scenario, we have plans in place and we practice emergency procedures to mitigate the risks presented when events do occur.

We also encourage our employees to take measures to personally prepare themselves and their families for disasters and emergencies. We recognize that when our staff members are prepared, they can better meet the needs of our residents during a crisis or emergency.

Leading up to and during events that have a potential to significantly impact our area and our homes, we use our website,, and social media sites (Facebook and Twitter) to let people know about how A.G. Rhodes is preparing for and responding to severe weather and other emergency situations.

We are entrusted to provide quality care and a safe environment for more than 1,100 seniors in our community each year, and our commitment includes being prepared for natural disasters or other emergencies.