Preparing Financial Documents | A.G. RhodesMany people, regardless of their age, aren’t comfortable facing their mortality. It can be especially jarring for some seniors, who, after decades of life, love and happiness, now must consider “the end” or their declining health. You and your loved ones don’t have to be afraid to have “the talk”, though. People who have already sorted out their affairs often see this process in a positive light, as they are protecting and preserving the future for themselves and their loved ones.

When you begin making a list of your new year’s resolutions, you’ll likely consider tasks you’ve put off for too long that will make you healthier or happier in the long run. That’s why there’s no better resolution for the new year than arranging vital documentation regarding your will and power of attorney. The peace of mind that accompanies finishing such a task will definitely set you up for success for the rest of the year.

Why Should I Get My Affairs in Order?

The word “affairs” can be misleading for many people. Most adults believe it simply refers to their will and estate, but, in reality, their affairs cover their future healthcare as well. No one plans to fall ill or become disabled, which is exactly why it’s important you sit down now to take care of that paperwork while you’re well.

If the unthinkable happens and you cannot care for yourself or make your own healthcare decisions any longer, designating a loved one such as a spouse, son or daughter as a trusted representative can help ensure they make informed healthcare and insurance decisions for you and fulfill your wishes.

How Do I Begin Preparing for the Future?

Getting your affairs in order can feel like an overwhelming job, but allowing others to help you and compiling a to-do list can make the task a little more manageable. Before you make any calls or fill out any paperwork, though, you’ll need to collect all your important documents for safekeeping in one secure location. These documents include birth certificates, Social Security cards, contact lists, marriage licenses, wills, tax returns, insurance paperwork and more. In short, if you think it’s of medical, legal or financial significance, it’s best to include it.

Once you’ve created an organized file for all your important documents, you can begin sorting your affairs.

  • Now that your documents are organized and up-to-date in one location, tell your trusted family member where they are. There’s no need to share every personal detail with this person, but telling them where they can find your documents ensures they know where to look in case of an emergency.
  • If an emergency arises, your trusted loved one may need access to your medical records, insurance policies or legal documents. Call your doctors, lawyer and insurance providers to offer formal consent that your loved one can access this information.
  • Draw up a will or create a trust to make arrangements for your care or estate in the case of your death.
  • Grant your loved one power of attorney so they may act and make decisions on your behalf should you fall ill or become disabled. Keep in mind, power of attorney won’t go into effect unless very specific circumstances are met, so you will continue to maintain your independence.

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