The Benefits of Being a Social Butterfly as You Age

The physical limitations we face as we age can significantly alter the lifestyles we lead. Driving may be more difficult. Carrying groceries can be a pain. Fatigue may even lead us to blow off dates with our friends and family. Despite the pain and exhaustion we may feel, it always pays to keep up with friend groups and family members. Find out how being social can improve all areas of senior health.

Staying Sharp

Conditions such as dementia are caused by a breakdown in the parts of the brain that handle memory and critical thinking. Though dementia is relatively common in the elderly, social stimulation has been proven to stave off the symptoms of dementia and other degenerative mental conditions. Speaking with loved ones, reminiscing on old memories and playing games with others can ensure seniors keep using the neural pathways associated with memory and cognition, making these pathways stronger and less likely to break down.

Staying Happy

It’s no secret our friends make us happy, but aside from the occasional laughing fit and meaningful conversation, we often don’t consider how our friends can impact us even after they’ve gone home. Interacting with family and friends can boost your elderly loved one’s mood and quality of life overall. Staying connected can also stave off loneliness by creating a feeling of belonging and appreciation.

Staying Healthy

Regular interaction with friends can even improve your aging loved one’s physical health. The happiness they feel from being social can reduce their blood pressure, inflammation and pain resulting from conditions like osteoporosis, arthritis and depression. A little chit-chat with pals can even help boost your loved one’s immune system and energy, keeping them healthier for longer.

How Should Seniors Stay Socially Active?

There are numerous ways they can interact with others and reap the benefits of social connections. Regular outings with friends help get your loved one up and out of the house, while long phone calls can prove mentally stimulating. Help them learn a new technology or join a social media network to connect with even more friends and family members. If they want an even wider social circle, joining a hobby class or volunteering are great ways for them to meet people with similar interests.

Make Their Golden Years Fun at A.G. Rhodes Health & Rehab

Although aging adults are at risk of loneliness and all the negative side effects that accompany it, making regular dates with friends can prove invaluable to improving all aspects of their health. Adults with full-time care needs can find a community at Atlanta’s own A.G. Rhodes Health & Rehab. As they receive help with everyday tasks from our highly-trained nursing staff, your loved one can enjoy the active and exciting lifestyle we have to offer. From outings to clubs and more, there’s something for everyone at A.G. Rhodes Health & Rehab. Contact us at 877-918-6413 to schedule your tour of our beautiful community today!