senior aquatherapy programWhen many people think about nursing homes, they picture a place where residents stay for years or even decades. However, there is another type of care offered at many nursing homes; short-term recovery, including therapy and rehabilitation services. These services can be very valuable for seniors and their families, especially in the wake of a serious injury or illness.

There are a number of scenarios in which older adults might need short-term recovery before transitioning home. A nursing home provides seniors with the 24/7 care they need, allowing them to stay safe while they recover their strength. By the end of their stay, those seniors can return home with confidence and go back to living independently, or with some assistance.

Help for Heart Surgery Patients

Even minor heart surgery can require months of recuperation. In addition to the slow recovery time, patients who have recently undergone heart surgery often face a number of restrictions on daily activities, including lifting objects or driving cars.

A short-term stay in a place that offers therapy and rehabilitation services, such as A.G. Rhodes, can give seniors the support they need as they heal and regain their strength. Having help available 24/7 for a few weeks to a few months can speed healing and improve long-term recovery.

Healing the Pain of a Broken Bone

A broken bone is a big deal no matter what your age, but the older you are the longer the injury will take to heal. If you break a leg when you are 20, you might be off your feet for a few weeks. Breaking that same leg at 70 could mean months of recovery, extensive physical therapy and problems getting about your own household.

A short-term stay in a quality facility like A.G. Rhodes can give seniors time to heal while their other needs are being taken care of. The staff can help with physical therapy, occupational therapy and more – further speeding the healing process and helping patients regain their former independence.

Short-Term Recovery for Stroke Patients

senior rehabilitation programStrokes can leave seniors partially debilitated and in need of short-term care. Stroke victims can suffer everything from mild cognitive impairment to major problems with vision and balance. A.G. Rhodes can help those stroke patients recover through extensive therapies and provide the living needs while they get better.

The needs of every stroke victim are different, and the staff at A.G. Rhodes can assess each patient and determine exactly what they require to get back on their feet and regain their independence. Some patients may require a longer stay, while others will need only a few weeks of intensive therapy before they can move back into their homes.

Rhodes to Home

If you or someone you love has recently been hospitalized or suffered a serious injury or illness, opting for care with rehab centers like A.G. Rhodes can help make transitioning from rehab back into a home smoother and may be just what is needed to speed recovery and help with healing. In fact, A.G. Rhodes offers an innovative program called Rhodes to Home, which helps bridge the gap between a hospital stay and returning home. Specialists who care for patients receiving rehabilitation services recognize that many of the patients recuperating from illness or surgery will, with continued care and planning, be able to return to their homes to live safely and in good health.

With Rhodes to Home, medical professionals, along with patients and their families, develop individualized treatment plans focused on assisting patients to reach their highest level of functioning in order to return to living in their communities.

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