Follow these tips to manage some of the most common senior health concerns.

Tips to Manage Your Health as You Age, A.G. Rhodes


Arthritis – Work with your doctor to develop a personalized activity plan, along with other treatments, to maintain your health and alleviate pain.

Heart Disease – Exercise, eat healthy foods and get a full night’s rest. Maintain a healthy weight with well-balanced meals.

Cancer – Eat a well-balanced diet, avoid smoking and get regular screenings for cancer. If a diagnosis is made, don’t be afraid to get second or third opinions about treatment, and work closely with your doctor to follow treatment plans.

Respiratory Disease – Get a lung function test and if diagnosed, use oxygen and take medications as instructed by your doctor.

Influenza and Pneumonia – In consultation with your doctor, get your annual flu shot, and it’s also recommended that adults 65 and older get the Pneumococcal Vaccine.

Diabetes – Have blood tested to ensure blood sugar levels are within normal parameters by your physician regularly. If you’re at risk, start making changes to control the disease and improve your long-term health outlook. If diagnosed, start treatment immediately and closely adhere to your doctor’s health plan.

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