Volunteer Spotlight: Kim Cleary, A.G. RhodesKim Cleary volunteers with the Lay Ministry at Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church and shares the Eucharist with Catholic residents at our Wesley Woods home.

She says, “Serving at A.G. Rhodes is an experience that I will always carry with me. Faith runs so deep, that despite severe illness, mental and/or physical, people remember The Lord’s Prayer and Hail Mary. It’s a commonality that’s comforting and you can see it on people’s faces while you’re praying together and feel it in your own heart. It’s truly faith in motion!”

“Volunteering has taught me to remove myself from the day-to-day and to focus on things larger than myself, things outside of myself. It’s easy to get wrapped-up in yourself when you’re busy and reacting to so much going on around you. Volunteering is refreshing because it’s NOT about you.”

“I encourage anyone, at any age, to volunteer to work with our seniors. In today’s society, with everyone so stressed and preoccupied, it’s easy to let time fly by. Slow down, step outside of yourself and your distractions, and take time to listen and learn from others that really have so many gifts to offer. A story, a smile, a laugh that’s shared, has a lasting positive affect on both the person you’re visiting and on you. I often say that volunteering at A.G. Rhodes feels a little self-serving because it just makes you feel so good!”

Thank you, Kim, and to all our volunteers who give so much to our homes and elders!

April 9, 2019