Remarkable Vaccine Development

The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 imposed considerable hardships on the short-term senior care industry. However, efforts to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus also highlighted some remarkable advances in vaccine development. In the past, the timeline for obtaining a reliable vaccine against a newly discovered disease threat usually extended across several years.

The Status of Vaccination Programs in Georgia

At the beginning of 2021, officials in Georgia further outlined plans to help protect the public against Novel Coronavirus. Governor Brian Kemp and Public Health Commissioner Dr. Kathleen Toomey conducted a media press briefing. They anticipate Georgia will conduct a successful vaccination campaign this year to reduce the threat of the contagious illness.

The officials cautioned everyone to continue taking protective measures against the disease in the meantime. Some experts fear a surge in cases following the holiday season. However, the Peach State will receive new doses of the recently developed COVID-19 vaccine every week. Both Pfizer and Moderna have developed vaccines against the virus.

Developing a Statewide Vaccination Plan

The vaccine providers began shipping doses of the vaccine across the nation after obtaining authorization from federal health agencies. Unfortunately, at the present time, the demand proves much greater than the available supply. State governments have developed individualized plans for vaccine distribution. Georgia prioritized healthcare workers as the first group to receive the opportunity to obtain vaccinations.

During their recent press conference, Governor Kemp and Dr. Toomey noted some 1.5 million residents of Georgia belong to the over-64 age demographic. The state eventually hopes to make the vaccine available to millions of people. By mid-January, officials hope to begin vaccinating people aged 65 and older, police officers, and first responders, as well as health care workers. The ability to obtain a vaccination varies, based upon availability.

Remaining Vigilant Against COVID-19

Health experts continue to learn new information about COVID-19. During the autumn of 2020, a highly contagious strain of the virus appeared in the UK. It spread to several other places. As of January 7, 2021, only a single case of this variant had been confirmed in Georgia.

As vaccination efforts ramp up across the United States, the CDC has urged the public to continue taking precautions against COVID-19. Wearing masks, following social distancing guidelines, and washing hands frequently help this effort!