Short-Term Senior Care: Why Tai Chi is a Very Smart Addition, A.G. RhodesTai chi is growing in popularity. It’s a life practice like yoga, but what it can offer seniors needs to be explored a bit.

The practice is rooted in several Asian communities. To some, it’s a mind-body exercise. To others, it’s a form of medicine. Some like to emphasize the martial art aspect of the practice, but that shouldn’t intimidate anyone. The reality is that tai chi is a gentle form of physical exercise. The movements may be complex but also very slow, making it perfect for seniors with mobility issues.

You’re going to learn why the practice should be added to short-term senior care.

Improved Fitness

The reason it’s helpful, especially for seniors, is that it helps improve fitness. This leads to all sorts of other benefits, like better circulation, better balance, and it even reduces the chances of having accidents.

It can be challenging for seniors to get enough exercise, especially with mobility issues. Many types of exercise are too hard on the body and could lead to pain. That’s not the case with tai chi since it is a gentle form of exercise.

Improved Cognition

Cognition can be an issue for some seniors. Doing everything possible to improve it is vital, which is where tai chi comes in. It’s kind of strange to talk about improved cognition when talking about a simple exercise, yet it’s true.

Tai chi facilitates better cognitive function. The practice asks people to be mindful of every move they make. They are encouraged to feel each movement and think about it. In essence, the practice requires you to meditate while making intentional movements. It should also be pointed out that imagery is used to help illustrate every move, which also helps boost cognitive abilities.

Relief Pain

Tai chi is also known to help folks fight chronic pain. Many people in short-term care facilities deal with chronic pain sometimes.

This could be related to things like fibromyalgia or osteoarthritis. The gentle movements seem to promote muscle repair and boost pain-relieving neurotransmitters. Tai chi is known to promote better flexibility of the joints, which can be helpful for folks dealing with these sorts of issues.

Tai chi gives seniors peace of mind. If it fights pain, then it leads to more happiness and even more restful nights. There are a lot of reasons to take up tai chi, and you’ve learned about some of them.