Thank youDuring the Coronavirus pandemic, millions of families around the world have appreciated the significant contributions Certified Nursing Assistants and other health care workers make in the lives of their patients. Senior therapy and rehabilitation programs benefit enormously from these dedicated individuals. Patients and their loved ones sometimes search for meaningful ways to express gratitude for care services. The U.S. celebrates National Career Nursing Assistants Day every June. This day of recognition occurs on June 17th in 2021.

Creative Thank You Messages

Last spring, during the first wave of COVID-19 cases, the large online search engine Google designed a special tribute to health care workers. The company crafted original art work in the form of a Google Doodle. The tech firm has developed a variety of unique alterations of the logo on its search pages over the years as Doodles to recognize significant holidays, people, events, and achievements. These eye-catching logos sometimes include interactive features. The Doodle concerning front line health care workers recognized their courage and contributions during a challenging pandemic.

Individual patients and their families sometimes express gratitude in a similar way. Designing a unique card or writing a thank you note to a caregiving team may permit the expression of deep sentiments of gratitude and respect. These small tokens of esteem let CNAs and others know that their work makes a real difference in the lives of others.

Thank You Celebrations

In the past, family members of seniors in care facilities could often sponsor fun social events for patients and staff members as a way to express gratitude. Many patients in care facilities welcome the opportunity to attend farewell dinners with families and staff members when a patient recovers sufficiently to return home, for example. Restrictions imposed on group gatherings during the pandemic limit the availability of these types of festive events today. However, it is still possible to express feelings of gratitude for care workers in tangible ways.

For example, in lieu of a party or a dinner, the public sometimes sponsors small gifts to thank health care teams. Distributing gift cards to workers for coffee or donuts, or brightening a patient ward with a gift basket or a colorful bouquet of cut flowers inspires happiness. Sometimes small gestures help relay thanks in a big way to people working in long term care and rehabilitation facilities during a very trying period!