Heartfelt Gestures Leave Big Impact at A.G. Rhodes, A.G. Rhodes
LC Barnes (center) has a giving nature, and recently brought Valentine’s treats for residents at A.G. Rhodes of Atlanta.

To LC Barnes, an employee who’s been working at A.G. Rhodes of Atlanta for about a year with Unidine dining services, it was no big deal when he brought in Valentine’s candy boxes for each resident, or when he gave out small gifts during the holidays and threw residents a party.

When Barnes was a child, his parents started an organization to help women in domestic violence situations, and he saw them give items and money to help support this cause. Barnes grew up seeing generosity and philanthropy in action, and it’s ingrained in his DNA.

“I do it because that’s where my heart leads me,” Barnes said. “It’s just me. I’m a down-to-earth person. I do what I can to help anybody.”

Kristie Davis, Administrator of A.G. Rhodes of Atlanta, said that she and other staff—and the residents—have been touched by Barnes’ thoughtfulness.

“Sometimes our residents can feel lonely during the holidays, but he has shown them that they are loved and appreciated,” she said. “He recently brought Valentine’s gifts for everyone, and it was so heart-warming to see the joy it brought to the residents. What’s even more meaningful is how modest he is about it.”

Barnes has a natural inclination to lift up others, and says he is drawn to seniors.

“They have paved the way for me. They had to climb so many ladders, and they’ve opened so many doors for me to continue to follow in their footsteps,” he said.

Barnes reminds us all that small gestures leave a big impact.

“If I can do anything to help, I will go out of my way to help them,” he said. “The smallest thing will bring a smile to their faces.”