A.G. Rhodes is proud to once again be a Corporate Volunteer Council (CVC) of Atlanta member partner. Membership gives A.G. Rhodes increased opportunities to engage with important community partners, particularly with companies that are dedicated to workplace volunteerism. Nonprofit organizations are eligible to apply for this partnership status every two years, and A.G. Rhodes was a previous CVC member partner in 2017.  The current partnership is for 2021-2022.

The CVC supports corporations in their strategic commitment to offer meaningful volunteer opportunities to their employees. As a nonprofit member partner, A.G. Rhodes will be a resource for CVC members, both corporate and nonprofit, on issues surrounding aging in Atlanta, and will collaborate with companies and volunteers on how they can support seniors at A.G. Rhodes.

“We recognize that there are many relationships critical to our success and long-standing reputation as a trusted leader in senior care,” says Kim Beasley, A.G. Rhodes Director of Volunteer Services and Community Engagement. “Our residents and their families, staff, health care agencies, hospitals, board members, donors, volunteers, and the community as a whole, are central to realizing our mission. This level of engagement with the community is why we consider a partnership with CVC of Atlanta so important.”

For more information about the CVC of Atlanta, visit www.cvcofatlanta.org

Corporate Volunteer Council

March 2021