A.G. Rhodes Participates in National Movement to Improve Nursing Homes, A.G. RhodesSeveral representatives from A.G. Rhodes are among more than 120 stakeholders and organizations that are part of a national movement—called the Moving Forward Coalition—to improve the quality of nursing home life for residents and staff across the United States.

A.G. Rhodes Human Resources Executive Assistant Charelle Barber serves on the Coalition’s Person-Centeredness, Culture Change, Care Planning & Quality of Life Committee, and she says the Coalition’s efforts demonstrate a serious commitment to address challenges that nursing homes have faced for years. She says she’s proud to represent nursing homes across the country and advocate on their behalf.

“Almost all nursing homes are facing the same challenges. So, I’m not just here for A.G. Rhodes, I’m here for all of us.”

Charelle says a big part of the committee meetings are sharing best practices and learning from each other.

“We bring ideas to the table and find better solutions.”

Charelle says she’s eager to see the Coalition’s work come to fruition.

“To know that we have this vision is great. We’re making it better for the elders and for the staff.”

Marilyn Washington, an A.G. Rhodes resident, has also participated in the Coalition and she says all residents deserve a high standard of care.

“Many of us come from our home environments where we are comfortable and where we receive excellent care. We expect the same quality of care when we come to live in a nursing home.”

Ms. Washington also says resident representation matters.

“It is important that residents are included in the Coalition meetings because the residents are the people the Coalition represents. Residents should have a voice in making decisions and policies that affect their care.”

A.G. Rhodes CEO Deke Cateau, who serves on the Coalition’s Steering Committee, agrees.

“We need diverse voices representing all who are impacted by nursing home care. Our collective expertise and experiences are what’s going to ultimately improve the quality, safety, and experience for those living and working in our nation’s nursing homes.”

Based on the Coalition’s work over the last year, it recently released nine action plans to address challenges in today’s nursing homes, including:

  • Addressing Residents’ Goals, Preferences & Priorities
  • Strengthening Resident Councils
  • Improving Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Wages & Support
  • Expanding Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Career Pathways
  • Enhancing Surveyor Training on Person-Centered Care
  • Designing a Targeted Nursing Home Recertification Survey
  • Increasing Transparency & Accountability of Ownership Data
  • Developing a Nursing Home Health Information Technology Readiness Guide
  • Financing Household Models & Physical Plant Improvements

For more information and to review the action plans, visit www.movingforwardcoalition.org.

August 2023