State partners visit A.G. Rhodes

A.G. Rhodes Health & Rehab of Atlanta, in conjunction with the Georgia Health Care Association (GHCA), hosted a tour on June 24 for members of the Georgia Department of Community Health (DCH) Division of Financial Management.

The DCH is one of Georgia’s four health agencies serving the state, and serves as the lead agency for Medicaid. The GHCA is an association of skilled nursing facilities including A.G. Rhodes, assisted living centers, and home and community based case managers.

“Support from state partners such as the Department of Community Health is critical in helping residents in skilled nursing facilities get the high-quality care that they need and deserve,” said Jon Howell, President and CEO of the GHCA. “Tours like these highlight the important role that facilities like A.G. Rhodes play in serving Georgia’s older population.”

In addition to a tour of the facility, guests observed therapy sessions, including horticultural and music therapy.