Most everyone knows that falls are a major cause of injury and death among seniors, but too often, people aren’t sure how to reduce their loved one’s chance of slipping, tripping and falling. Consider your friend or family member’s lifestyle and home when looking for ways to prevent a fall. Even a minor change can save them trouble down the road.

Stay on Top of Medical Visits

As we age, we need to keep tabs on our health and wellness. Although your aging loved one may feel fine, they should utilize preventative visits, and visit specialists, if needed. For example, an optometrist visit and a primary care check-up should be among the appointments your loved one makes.

Assess the Home

Seniors may suffer a fall as a result of an easily preventable trip or slip. A puddle of water from a leaking sink or a wrinkled living room rug can be major hazards for an unstable loved one. You may even have to rearrange the furniture or downsize their belongings to ensure cluttered rooms don’t lead to a fall.

Consider Medications

Some medications commonly prescribed to older adults can cause side effects that increase the likelihood of a fall. This is especially true if a prescription or over-the-counter drug causes dizziness or drowsiness. Take a list of your friend’s or family member’s medications to their doctor. They can tell you if there are side effects you may not know about.

Stay Active

Improved endurance can decrease your loved one’s risk of falling. Just like training your body to run farther or faster, you can train your body to have better balance or flexibility as well. Seniors often benefit from physical activity because it improves their ability to stay firmly on their feet and increases alertness.

Dress Sensibly

Everyone loves to cuddle up in a blanket, robe, slippers or comfortable pair of pajamas when they’re at home, but sometimes this can be a detriment to aging adults. Loose-fitting clothes or shoes can get caught on furniture or corners and cause a trip in the home. Loose flip-flops could do the same when your loved one is out.

Short-Term and Long-Term Care at A.G. Rhodes Health & Rehab

Your loved one’s health and safety is of the utmost importance to the professional caregivers at A.G. Rhodes Health & Rehab. We’ve seen the way falls, slips or trips can cause sometimes irreversible damage, and we have made it our mission to assist those who have suffered falls with rehabilitation and physical therapy. Our dedicated staff are committed to your loved one’s well-being and your peace of mind, whether your parent needs help after surgery or your spouse is beginning to show signs of forgetfulness. If you’re ready to get your loved one the assistance they deserve, call us at 877-918-6413 to learn more about our short-and long-term care services.