Sylvia Allen

The artwork for the 2017 Living Well Luncheon, which was used in the invitation and program, was created by Sylvia Allen, a resident at our Wesley Woods home.

Although painting is a more recent hobby for Allen, she finds it relaxing. “It’s like listening to soft music. It soothes you,” says Allen.

Allen doesn’t usually have a plan in mind when she starts painting, but the end result is beautiful.

“When I sit down, I don’t know what I’m going to make,” says Allen. “People ask me, ‘What are you painting?’ You’ll see when I finish.”

Maybe that’s why each time Allen looks back at her work, she notices
something new.

“Every time you look at it, you see something different that you didn’t see before. It’s like reading a Bible verse; you read it one time and then you go back and read it again and you get something different out of it.”

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