Reverend Leroy MinterReverend Leroy Minter is one of A.G. Rhodes’ longest-serving volunteers. For nearly two decades, he has been holding worship services at A.G. Rhodes of Atlanta at least two Sundays a month.

Minter says he is called to serve.

“This is my calling to minister to these elders,” he says. “Many times they (residents) give up hope, and through God they can find that hope. I like to look at myself as an encourager, and that’s what I try to do with them when it comes to ministering to them. That’s my calling—to encourage them.  Many times when you can be encouraged, it helps you find hope.”

Minter’s services are well attended. One resident, Ms. Alma Brown, praises his sermons, and says how important he is for the residents because many of them would not be able to attend church otherwise.

“Many of us can’t get to our churches and his sermons are wonderful,” she says.

Minter was raised by his great grandmother, who he credits with why he’s able to relate to older adults, and who was a big influence for why he volunteers at A.G. Rhodes. In his sermons, he often shares his experiences and stories from growing up with her.

“I was always amazed at the knowledge that my great grandmother had,” he says. “In my sermons, many of them (the residents) can relate to me ministering to them because of my background just being around her, listening to her.”

Minter has a deep and profound respect for older adults, which is reflected in the way he ministers to them.

“Because you’ve gotten into your golden years doesn’t mean God has given up on you, or that He’s forgotten about you,” he says.

Deke Cateau, Administrator at A.G. Rhodes of Atlanta, says that Minter’s messages bring great comfort to many seniors at A.G. Rhodes who, if it weren’t for his services, wouldn’t leave their rooms on Sunday mornings.

“For so many of the residents here, having a church community has been an important part of their upbringing and adult lives, yet most are no longer able to attend church,” says Cateau. “Thanks to Reverend Minter’s consistent volunteerism over the last 18 year, he has built a church community at A.G. Rhodes.”