The idea of going to a nursing home may be anathema to your loved one, but short-term care options have changed the face of skilled care. If your loved one is struggling with high levels of stress, rehabbing after an injury or recovering from an illness, short-term care may be just what they need to get back on their feet and go home.

Relax and Recover

For many elders, time in the hospital can be extremely worrying. Who is watching their home? Who is caring for their plants and garden? This agitation is not good for their blood pressure or their healing. Transitioning from hospital to short-term care, as well as regular reports on their home security, can allow a senior to relax and recuperate.

Short-Term Care For Recovery and Rehab, A.G. RhodesRebuild Strength

Quality short-term senior care is also a good time for a recovering senior to get fully checked out by a physical therapist. A senior struggling with foot pain may have started to alter their gait, which puts pressure on their hips and spine. Sore hips mean they don’t walk as much, which leads to weight gain. A short amount of time in a senior care facility can address the hip pain and get them moving more frequently.

Do a Dietary Check

This is also a good time to take a good look at their diet; our tastebuds lose sensitivity as we age. If you notice that an older loved one is using a lot of salt, time in a care facility can help to reset their taste buds and reconnect with sense of smell. If your loved one is extremely frugal, they may have backed off some foods that they need for best health. Now is the time to put those foods back on their plate.

Learn Something New

A senior care facility can also be the place to learn something new. This is the time to take a class on using a smartphone or tablet if your loved one has not gotten the hang of these tools. Learning smartphone photography is a wonderful way to start to understand the power of these tools.

Now is the time for an older person to try chair yoga, tai chi or weight lifting. Careful exercise choices under the eye of a skilled physical therapist can go along way toward building new flexibility and strength at home.

Finally, a senior on a short-term stay should be encouraged to build new community. Recent world events have left many seniors terribly isolated. Reconnecting with those in their peer group can be great for boosting spirits and speeding healing.

With the rise of high-quality short-term care options, patients and their families no longer have to feel burdened by the idea of long-term nursing home stays. Short-term care can provide seniors with invaluable medical treatment as well as social and emotional support that contributes to a speedy recovery. Allowing your loved one to receive appropriate care in a comfortable environment gives them a greater chance of recovering quickly, allowing them to return to their beloved home and live out their best years in optimum health and comfort. If you’re looking for short-term rehab options for an elderly family member or friend near you, the best place to start is online by searching “short-term rehab for elderly near me”. You can also talk with your doctor or local clinic about referrals or recommendations for reputable facilities in your area. Ultimately, giving your loved ones access to quality healthcare is one of the most important investments you can make in their future.